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Zenix Professional Moss Peel-Off Mask

Zenix Professional Moss Peel-Off Mask

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130mL / 4.39 oz

This mask provides a deep and thorough cleansing of the skin, remove blackheads, dead skin cells and acne when you remove the mask from your skin. 

Benefits of Zenix Moss Mask: 

It absorbs excess oil on the skin and cleans. 
By letting the skin breathe, this moss mask provides a fresh and lively look. 
With rich content in minerals your skin is nourished 
Moss has antioxidant properties and helps rid the skin of toxins. This powerful antioxidant, allows & gives skin a smooth and soft appearance and restores the elasticity of your skin.
Thanks to its anti-aging properties, this moss mask helps keep the skin young and youthful, gives support for the creation of collagen and helps wrinkles and blemishes diminish. It contains high levels of Vitamin E so it has a moisturizing effect, helps reduce aging effects. 
It penetrates deep into pores and allows / assists for removal whelk, blackheads and dead skin cells and tightens the skin.

Apply on your face and leave on for 15-20 mins (or until dry), then peel off slowly. Beautiful and radiant skin will be revealed.
For Dry Skin, apply moisturizer after removal.

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